Is my apple sprout going dormant or is there something wrong here?


Oct 31, 2020
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United States
Hi there!

I have been growing this apple sprout since maybe late spring/summer. As fall approached, it began to develop a large brown spot on one of the leaves. This leaf then turned yellow and red, and eventually fell off. This problem seems to be spreading to the other leaves.
Is this simply the tree going dormant? Or are these brown spots and red leaves a serious problem? I also don't understand the translucent cells on the leaves. I've moved the sprout into my garage for the coming winter, but this problem predates that.

Thanks for your time!

(Other info: I live in Update New York. The seeds are from a store-bought apple that I then planted. The soil has been consistently wet/damp since I moved them into the garage; I worry this could also be a problem)




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