I Keep Saying I Won't Start Any More DIY Projects.

Jan 31, 2018
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I changed the bathroom suite myself 24 years ago after I'd had a tiler re-tile both the bathroom and toilet.

Ten years ago, due to my wife's increasing disability we had the bath changed to a walk-in shower and a new vanity unit and basin fitted. Fortunately, I'd saved enough tiles, so the transition was visually seamless.

So we went from this, which I'd fitted.

Bathroom 2.JPG

To this.



The toilet I'd fitted wasn't changed, as it wasn't necessary.


Over the years, I'd changed the toilet seat a couple of times, but they never really fitted the shape.

So last week I decided to change the whole toilet.

Over last week-end, I repainted the skirting boards and replaced the moldings between those and the laminate floor.

I'd ordered a new toilet and changed them over on Thursday. It took about an hour.

I emptied the water in the old one with my wet n' dry vac. Put plastic bags over the orifices and carried it downstairs.
I turned our, "non recyclable" wheely bin on its side, slid it in, then stood the bin up. Then smashed up the toilet with a lump hammer. I enjoyed that!

The new Ideal Standard one was a doddle to fit with a new concertina soil pipe connector. Then just a case of applying new white silicone, "everywhere."

It's a rimless model. The "U bend" holds far less water, part of the saving water initiative.



I was quite pleased with the result. But then I'm of an age when back then if you wanted something done, you had to do it yourself, as you hadn't the money to employ a tradesman, so you were forced to learn DIY.
My wife has told me, "No more DIY, you're eighty-four!"
But you never know...
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