Are these gardenias salvageable?

Jan 21, 2021
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United States
Hello, my name is Leon. I was recently tasked with the responsibility of reviving my father's gardenia plant. I am a student in community college studying oriental horticulture so he found the task suited for me best as he has other responsibilities. They have definitely seen better days. I wanted to know if this was it for them or if I could bring them back to life. I know they are perennials and it is cold up by me, but I wanted to know an expert's judgement on how their condition is.

I have them in a pot in my room and it is always around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I found webs and what looked like mites in them but I wasn't too sure. They were brown so I assumed it was just dirt collecting onto the webs. I cleaned them off with a cotton swab and water. Here are photos of their condition:

(The white thing in between the leaves is cotton that tore off.)


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