My Jukebox Wallboxes.

Jan 31, 2018
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
One of the second hand iPod nanos I use with this system had given up the ghost. So I bought another on eBay for £11.
It's just a question of making up an Itunes playlist and loading the iPod with the recordings. But you have to get them in the right order for the wall box to work.
There are three pages in the wall box. I'd forgotten that the two boxes I have although looking exactly the same have the pages arranged in a different order.
Both start with 100 and have the other two pages starting at 145 and 172. But for some reason, they start at alternate pages. I'd forgotten about that as it's been a while since I loaded a whole page of tracks rather than replace just a few, so having loaded the playlist I had to laboriously move 56 tracks up the page as it wasn't choosing the right tunes on the second and third pages.
Still it's done now.
I get my original tuner/amp back on Monday. They can't get it to go wrong. But I'll cary on using the one I bought the other week.

I bought it a new, "T-Shaped" aerial (£3.99) on eBay makes a huge difference to the stereo FM reception than "the bit of wire" I was previously using.