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Evening small garden or No garden folk,
Im very lucky in that ive a huge garden "But" it was'nt always like this,

Thats not to say i never had an interest in having nice flowers around the outside concreted front driveway and the side of the house,
So i thought i'd pass on a few ideas i did then to give my ugly old house that "WOW" factor all those years ago,

(A) Have you thought of getting hold of a couple of old wagon wheels ?

Paint the complete wheel white, then paint the rim area on one side red or what ever colour you like,
The inner centre (were the wheel once fitted onto the wagons axle) paint this lets say yellow, (Bright colours your trying to get the circus look)
Now stand the wheel in the place its going to stay to show your flower display "but" have the wheel so that the spokes go across the cente in as stright a line as you can, now buy 3 x wire long plant trough holders (the ones that hold plastic plant troughs) these are about 18 inches long, and have hook like holder to attach to fences etc, the garden centres all have them or Amazon do (have a look on Amazon to see what im talking about log in trough plant holders,)

Hook the first wire holder across the top of the wheel and fix it as near to centre as you can (your first plastic plant trough fits in this holder)

The second holder goe's to the centre left spoke's and just hooks over this spoke (remember i said get this spoke so it has another spoke on the right side opposit) and as centre as poss,
Now hook the third wire frame over the centre right side (so it's opposit the left frame,

And the last trough can be just off the ground (on- 2 bricks) in the centre of the wheels base,
If you fill and i mean very little space inside all these troughs with geraniums both hanging and standing geraniums you'll have a show all summer that wont need a lot of watering but will need a feed every two weeks And this little gem will brighten up any dull space, ''(geraniums like to be crowded in pots,)
The good thing about this little lot is once you have the wheel or wheels and the wire frames and troughs they're used every year and last a life time,

Ladder trough holder
Now another really good and simple display unit that cost little if anything is the use of an old ladder,

Get hold of an old wooden ladder and paint it with lime or undercoat,
This again using the wire trough holders (depending on what height ladder you use will depend how many wire holders you use, I have 4 holder & troughs
I have this "Now" as i write outside our rear Kitchen wall and ive a wire trough holder every other rung (step) you can use all kinds of plants "hanging or standing plants even mini roses, they all look good and you've little to do most of the time,
I have two sets of troughs winter & summer, one has mini daffodils in one trough , Another has Muscari in another, Blue bell in another, and sweet william the the other, Pansy's look good early spring while the bulbs are trying to get through the soil,
All these bulb plants are now finished for the year but resting still in their troughs behind the shed ready for next year,
The same Ladder has the second set of troughs in it now with herbs in each trough and the top trough has cherry toms hanging over the edge ready for picking,

Again an old bush bike painted a ghostly white errected so it stands on its own, and verious large pots from each side at ground level and this time the wire frames designed to hold 5inch and 7 inch flower pot full of any flower you like, these hang from handle bars, the cross bar on a mans bike, the seat area, the mud guards ideal for trough wire frame's

Now the wire plant pot holders with two hook bent handles "to use a discription word" are idea to fit these two hooked over handle's into the eye's of screw in eye and hook holders, you only need the eye bit, simply drill two hole's into the wall spaced to hold your wire plant pot holder and raw plug the correct size to take the screw in eye,s Once this has be done simply hook the two handles into the two eyes and put your plant pot with flowers into the wire holder and again you've got plants growing on what was a blank wall,
I have these plant pot holders all around the house front/back and rear, and they look great,

Hanging baskets and colonders (sieves) & bird metal feeding dish
Hanging baskets full of flowers say it all for themselves,
But what about having an old colonder, the things every kitchen has to rinse the salad leaves ? You get these at every car boot sale for pennies,
they are a ready made hanging metal basket with holes already made, all you have to do it attach 4 chains, fit a hook or hang it from a tree, use grease baking paper for the liner to help the compost to settle down and now you have a perfect herb container or cherry tom's basket for outside the kitchen window or door, easy to make and a talking point for all visitors,
Last but not least the old tin plates you get for next to nothing at every car boot sale, they're normaly white with a blue rim (Im sure you've seen them ?)

Just drill 4 x small holes in them and fit some chain, Hang over a branch of your favourit tree (one were you can see it from the kitchen and fill with bird seed or crumbs etc, the birds will get to know it if filled every day and they'll give you hours of entertainment (watching the mother feeding the chicks, mouth open and the chick shake as mum pops the food in the chicks mouth, plus other bird visitors,

Well these are just a few of the ideas ive used for years and they all work,
Hope ive given you some plants for thought ideas of your own garden?

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