Garden Blasphemy or Sensible Solution

Jan 30, 2018
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Yeah Mike, those folk in the US of A can be a bit difficult for the likes of me to understand. They have a different language for starters :rolleyes:
Look at Ricky`s posts for example. Ricky calls turf ''sod'' - when I say sod, it means ''oh dear I just stubbed my toe'' - or words to that effect :devil: The turf that Ricky speaks of is plastic rubbish, not proper grassy turf as we know it... and it just doesn`t stop there - my garden at the moment has b****y partridges and rabbits chewing everything up. In America they have things called "critters and varmits"
SO there is a lot to understand, and allowances to be made. We don`t always have the same plants either, and that is a good reason to use Latin names as much as possible, so we can all have some clue as to what we`re talking about :geek:
I do hope I haven't offended anyone by my comment. Now close to 82, I am still eager to learn. OK, I can cope with the difference in our languages. What I would like to see, is more information about individuals location etc. Yes we have geographical references but for example. Member Joe Bloggs. Location Nevada USA. For me. Nevada suggests a desert area, yet there are fertile areas etc. So how do gardeners fare?

Tetters. What's on the menue for Sunday's dinner. Rabbit or partridge?


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