normal imperfections, heat lamp burn or disease...

May 9, 2021
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First time gardener, please, help with what is normal imperfections or heat lamp burn and what is disease such as
the mosaic virus.

Grew seedlings in a grow tent with a grow lamp. Made the error to put in some cuttings as well, got small flies and
2 types of aphids (light green and light brown) which I know (now) carry diseases.

Please have a look and answer with the picture number:

- yellow streaks on tomatoes (lamp burn?)
- yellow streaks on water melon (lamp burn?)
- shiny surface zucchini (natural?)
- curled, burned secondary leaves contour zucchini (lamp burn?)
- dark green dots on under leaves zucchini (no idea???)
- small white spots on leaves zucchini (no idea???)
- discoloration and bumps zucchini (mosaic virus?)
- discoloration and deformation cucumber (mosaic virus?)
- small, white insects and discoloration celeriac (no idea???)

To finish, how to disinfect the tent (?) and trays (spray bleach?) if necessary, please?

Thank you for caring, kind regards.




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