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    What is she?

    Probably a hollyhock and it's name is Pat, or Terry, or Bobby, or any other name appropriate for a hermaphrodite.;)
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    Help (Bird of paradise)

    It looks good, just a leaf damaged in transport- nothing serious. I'm assuming that's C not F degrees. It should do very well over the summer in it's current location, just have a sunny spot for it inside for the winter and it will be happy. Since it's S. nicolai the flowers aren't that...
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    Mysterious Seedling ID Wanted

    Gently pinch a leaflet. If it smells like weird peanut butter then it's Ailanthus - the tree from hell. That's what it looks like to me.
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    Has anyone tried

    My bunnies ate everything surrounded by it, complete control fail -- sorry.
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    Plant ID

    I'd go with Weigela, Convolvulus cneorum, and Camellia
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    HELP are my Cordylines dying

    With the damage to the roots, you will need to be very careful with the watering. Unless it's very warm you need to keep them just moist not soggy. It will take a while to know if they're going to make it. Be patient and prepare to lose most of the leaves.
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    Dying palm plant

    Just don't put so much water on them and wait until the top 2" of soil is dry before watering again. Make sure that they don't sit in standing water after you're done watering
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    Please identify 3 Mystery Plants in Los Angeles

    Well my friend didn’t know what they are but, a newspaper columnist went to the gardens and was also impressed with the bromeliad display. Now we know what at least 2 of them are: Quesnelia testudo - Turtlehead bromeliad Puya spathacea I’m pretty sure the third one is a species of Dyckia but...
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    Should I remove all the leaves at the base of the trunk?

    Do Not prune citrus in winter. It stimulates growth during cold weather which will be more frost sensitive. Prune them now if you need to prune at all. You can remove the lowest branches if you want or if it looks like they are rootstock suckers. For the most part citrus only get pruned when...
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    What’s this in my lawn? Tall fescue vs quackgrass vs crabgrass vs...???

    I think what you have is annual rye, it’s not a weed it’s a temporary lawn grass. You might have another grass like tall fescue and/or perennial rye mixed in. Any of them should be mown at 3” once a week. Now that you can go out, take a sample to your local independent nursery and ask them what...
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    What plan is this?

    I’m pretty sure it’s Red Dragonwing. Real easy to find and grows big, fast.
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    Possibly rare avocado variety

    For home fruit tree growers the flowering type of an avocado tree is not really important. A commercial grower on the other hand needs to maximize production so mixing flower types is important to financial success. The weather in most of the US is changeable enough that the flowers don’t...
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    Please identify 3 Mystery Plants in Los Angeles

    They’re all bromeliads of one kind or another. Pictures with the entire plant would clarify things a bit, but there’s enough for the family I’d. I work with someone who used to work at UCLA and I’ll ask him to take a look. Maybe an answer next week.
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    Propagating Cordyline

    Well, I finally got around to potting up my cuttings. I used E.B. Stone ‘Edna’s Best’ potting soil and put them in my 6x6 pop-up greenhouse. We’ll see what happens.
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    Please help with ground cover.

    You could also use Catalina Perfume Ribes viburnifolia, either vinca-major or minor, Pachysandra, Ajuga, ornamental strawberry, Potentilla verna, Giant Chain Fern Woodwardia, Sword fern, Asparagus densiflorus— either sprengerii or meyerii, Carex— there are many species, creeping Oregon grape...