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Grateful my hostas survived the heavy hail that Michigan got, back in late June. They're new transplants, a little weather worn, yet still blooming lots of pretty purple flowers. Even after getting nibbled on by our puppy, and curious turkeys.
There is nothing better than seeing those first green leaves coming through. Hands in the soil and seeds out the packet. I love sowing and harvesting. Food from garden to plate - nothing could be nicer.
My Judy Zuk Magnolia that was planted 11/2018 bloomed in the Spring of 2019 and 2020 but only had a few flowers this Spring. Does anyone know why or what I can do to have flowers next year?
Why does an Avatar help what good is it ?
I can do it if it makes sense to me , thanks
cpp gardener
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Hi there. Im new to your forum, and noticed that the upload pic button is not working, it attaches a link option. Can you look into that. I would
like to post pics of my roses. Thanks
I built a 6 week green house and have my bales in. I couldn't get 34% fertilizer all I could get was 46% urea. By Bales have white stuff coming out of the sides. Just wondering what I need to do? I applied this according to the way you suggest and watered every day.
Hello Sean how are you and your wife keeping?
Sean Regan
Sean Regan
Hi Gail, as well as can be expected, I'm OK but my wife is having more mobility problems, only to be expected with MS when you're 80. But she keeps cheerful.

Thanks for asking.

I hope you are keeping as well as you can. I guess at my time of life "every day's a bonus."
Lovely to hear off you & sorry to hear about your wife & every day is a bonus :finger:

Well hubby as always been active but the last 5wks as been a trial & he's still weak apparently covid ambulance people said, so besides my own health I've constantly caring for hubby best I can.

Love Gail & you both take care.
My name is Paul. I`m own my own landscaping business based in the USA and have over 10 years of professional experience working outdoors creating beautiful landscapes for my clients. I'm holding a Level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture from the Royal Horticultural Society and am currently working on my first book on gardening. I have a gardening blog
Does anyone know alot about Black Dragon Cryptomeria? I have a few simple questions. I literally been searching all day. Hard to find knowledge or info on them of any kind
I used a systemic poison a month ago, and it worked great. Will I kill my house plants if I use the poison after one month rather than after the two months that the instructions suggest? Bugs are coming back and plants are losing leaves again.
I'm new here. My name's Pratibha and I live in India.
I have lots of plants, mostly roses, other flowers and some veggies in my apartment balconies. I grow them in growbags and a few in pots. I do not get any sunlight from October to February, only bright but indirect sunlight. Rest of the year, my northeast facing balcony gets good amount of sunlight.
Thanks for the wealth of info here!
Hi Ian ty 4 the bump :) do you kno how 2 get the pic out of my phone ? (motorola) and post it w/my thread ?? also where do you get the avitar ?