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I used a systemic poison a month ago, and it worked great. Will I kill my house plants if I use the poison after one month rather than after the two months that the instructions suggest? Bugs are coming back and plants are losing leaves again.
I'm new here. My name's Pratibha and I live in India.
I have lots of plants, mostly roses, other flowers and some veggies in my apartment balconies. I grow them in growbags and a few in pots. I do not get any sunlight from October to February, only bright but indirect sunlight. Rest of the year, my northeast facing balcony gets good amount of sunlight.
Thanks for the wealth of info here!
Hi Ian ty 4 the bump :) do you kno how 2 get the pic out of my phone ? (motorola) and post it w/my thread ?? also where do you get the avitar ?
Just noticed that the Photo contest is MINUS 9 days to go. is everything ok with folks? I see no voting thread?
OK I finally managed to get photos of the tiny, tiny black bugs that are eating my scheffelera. They have now moved to the scheffelera in my living room, and I can’t stand this constant examination of each and every plant leaf. Help! What do I do about these things?
Dear Ian, Do you think a thread on Royal Families and Royal History would be of interest?
HI @LouisFerdinand, I'm not sure - feel free to start a discussion in the general chat section though :).
Did you grow garlic for harvest in 2020?
Hi Durgan :)

I've not grown any since I moved to Kent with Tetters. She wants to grow some next year but i'm not sure of the best variety to grow here yet as i've never grown it on a pure chalk (limestone) soil before. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Ian i reported an isse yesterday and yet ive had no reply and wanted to know why?
The complaint was about reude comment ref my "bed time story and the remark was made bt tetters

I'm just having a look at this now - I'm not always online to respond to things immediately.
I decided to start a vegetable garden with meat plant closing and fearing higher prices all around, but remembered that dad does not eat vegetables and I do not cook so not sure what the point would be. Now, if I could grow beef and chicken pre-packaged... I would be all over that.
Yes, Meadowlark, I was following along with new about China and WHO. Glad Trump did what he did. Hugs. There seems to be some deep agenda going on in the world, we may never know the total picture. but it is scary.
I asked that it be locked a long time ago. Then again a few days ago.