Zucchini completely demaged

Jul 7, 2022
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South New Hampshire
United States
Hello guys, I am new in this community.
I have been searching a bit online but without finding an answer to my gardening issue I do have a garden with fences tall 7 feet. I have marigolds in front of the zucchini I do spray every night some repellent to avoid deers and other possible animals in my vegetable area. Here I have zucchini plants, tomatoes and arugula. The zucchini raised bed has netting that covers them. They have been attacked once by some pest and I was able to rescue them. The leaves were curled, brown and yellow and I found some tiny yellow and black insects.

Now I have a new devastating issue. Monday morning I have some TB first on two zucchini plant. I was waiting to see it was okay before using for anything else. I came back Wednesday and the plants, not just the 2, but all 4 of them were devastated. Branches bested down, almost all the leaves gone, eaten. A 2 inch hole in the netting I had, but the overall netting is not really brought away or moved. I have some magnets on a side to keep the netting as the raised bed is metal. They are totally fine. I include pictures. I used now some seven dust. I hate using this chemical stuff but I have no idea of what is going on and I am very worried about the demage and how to save my vegetable area.


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