You are what you eat




Sep 17, 2017
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Good title DM. If ever I get pulled over by the police I hope they never do a dark chocolate test on me otherwise they would throw my driving licence away. :)

Food can become an obsession; eat this; eat that; this is good for you; this is bad for you; new diets all the time to lose weight but the only genuine way is to stop eating so much; in all the war films I've seen I've never seen a fat prisoner in a genuine POW camp. I'm sick of seeing food programs on TV. I'm happy with a plate of dumplings and stew that haven't been messed around with to make them look artistic.

As long as I avoid dairy products I eat in moderation and I'm like a stick insect; I must be one of only a few who visited the surgery for the first time in twelve years and been advised to PUT WEIGHT ON. I hadn't a clue what BMI was and confess I'm still not interested but I think mine is 19 or 20? I was ill for the first 57 years of my life in and out of hospital until Bron read out an article regarding dairy intolerance; switching over to Soya was as if I had finally come to life hence I then didn't need to visit the surgery for the next twelve years and I hope its another twelve years before I visit again.

What really does annoy me is the way genuine disabled people are treated and shunned by society who have done absolutely nothing to deserve their predicament while those who abuse themselves taking drugs and alcohol are treated with respect and helped. There's something wrong these days with the world.

Sorry to bang on but I thought your thread was worth a reply; I'm just passing a bit of time away before motorway cops come on TV at 8 o'clock. :Do_O

Kind regards, Colin.


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