Jan 31, 2018
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
Over thirty years ago we had this big wisteria on the pergola on the side of the garage next to the koi pool.

Eventually it got so heavy it was bending the pergola I bult from 3" X 2" timber, so I "beefed it up" with much stronger rails and posts but retained the same balustrade.

You can see the new pergola I'd just built on the back of the house above the patio doors we had in those days


We bought a white wisteria for the pergola on the back of the house, from the garden centre at Stapely Water Park.

It was still there when we changed the patio doors to French windows.

Wisteria 2.JPG

Unfortunately it died and we replaced it with a blue one, plus trained a bit from the garage one around the left-hand side.


Three years ago most of the wisteria on the garage pergola died, except for the bit trained round and over the left hand side of the other pergola.

We've now gone full circle with a white wisteria on the "beefed up" garage pergola.


There's supposed to be blue wisteria at both ends from bits of the old one I layered before it died, but the frost got at the blooms this year.

I'm going to try to improve the "cascade effect" of the white one for next year. "Some of the branches have been uncooperative,"


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