What to interplant with peas

Dec 14, 2019
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Hey everyone!

So I usually plant peas in the garden every year, and they are done producing by late July/early August. After that it is too late in the growing season to plant anything else (I'm in southern Finland), and then that area just stays empty and doesn't produe anything else that year. We eat lots of peas and of course the kids love them, so quite a large area of the garden is devoted to them. So the question is, is there something I could plant in the same rows with the peas so that when the peas are done that area is still producing food? I'm thinking maybe potatoes? They are robust low plants and wouldnt get too tangled in the peas trendils and dont need to be thinned out (but then again I guess they do need to be hilled up don't they?). Anyways, any ideas or experience?



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