What To Do With Too Many Quandongs?

Jul 16, 2022
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Seems a shame to kill them all.
I threw lots of quandong seeds into some potting mix on the chance some might germinate and they all did. I've now got thirty, maybe even forty, healthy looking seedlings.
Apart from not liking to kill anything I've actually got growing there's the fact, apparently, that quandongs can be victim to a whole host of illnesses so it might be good too have some reserves.
But I am not a professional. I'm not even really an amateur. I'm the most desultory dilettante, maybe.
So I don't what size pots I should try to keep them in as a minumum.
What kind of soils - I've moved six of them into 20 litre black plastic pots with a soil supply yards 'vegetable' mix in there. Just seems to be a sandy loam.
I don't know if they will bonzai - a think I've only read of.
I don't know if they can be planted in close proximity or will roots entangle and make later separation impossible?
I don't know even how they'd handle transplanting - I know some Australian natives it's virtually a death sentence trying to transplant. ( Or I 'think' I know).
I know nothing.
Got a lot of quandong seedlings. Don't know what to do with them. Any ideas?


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