What kind of squash is this suppose to be!? Help! What did I plant?

Jun 25, 2020
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United States
Hi, I bought a small starter plant which I thought was zucchini or maybe squash at Walmart. I can't remember anymore which one exactly. After planting it I decided to get into my seed packets and plant the same plant right next to it. The other one was further along but to my surprise, it caught up with my store-bought one pretty quick. They both grew and looked just alike. And they also looked like how they were supposed to look like if they were zucchini or a squash variety. Up and until it started to grow what I can only describe as a long shoot up with many flowers beginning to bud all over it. Both plants did this. There would only be two or three of these shoots on each plant. However, my plants weren't that big yet. I know this isn't what a zucchini would do or any squash plant. But what made it even more strange is when one of the blooming flowers came out hot pink! Like a fuchsia color, I guess. And then when the other bloomed it's flowers were white. I know they are supposed to be yellow in color. And to top it all off for the second year in a row nothing is produced from them. They would get tons of flowers and seeds and then die. What on earth did I plant?! And how strange that both plants look identical to each other except flower color when it is obvious they are not zucchini or squash. I didn't even get them from the same source so that's a heck of a coincidence. I am posting a pic of them when the pink-flowered plant was blooming. Can someone help me?




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