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Peace perfect peace

What ever happend to that singer "Tommy" we had in our group in the 60"s
He could'nt remember the correct words to the songs,
IE his version of Long tall Sally went like this Long tall sally she's so tall she sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the "Oh baby whole lot of shakin goin on,"

What happend to all the kids
who had their younger brother/sisters to look after all through the 6 week summer holiday?

My younger brother aged 4yrs and my opposit neighbours little sister aged about the same became goal post while we older kids played footy,

what ever happend to the biddi nurse who came to the schools and pulled the metal comb through your hair?
Her name was nutty nora,

After her visit and if you got a brown envelope to give to your mum resulted in a basin hair cut:oops: Now every footballer has this hair cut;

What ever happend to not walking on cracked pavement slabs because it was bad luck?

What ever happend to drawing the curtains if a neighbour died and the black hearst arrive to take the body away?
These days kids run along the side of such vehicles humming "bat man tune"

What ever happend to cyclist putting their arm out when they wanted to turn left or right?

What ever happend to those childrens Tv programs like in the uk Bill & Ben the flower pot men?
They talked like this woble goble etc No wonder kids grew up daft,

Bill and ben went to the pub and after an hour of so Bill said to Ben wobbbble goblllll,
Ben replied "give me the car keys im driving home your pissed,


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