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Peace perfect peace

Greatings earth growers,
Well didnt get a lot of sleep last night "thunder / lightening and then heavy rain , But no damage done and all"s well in the garden, But the forcast for today is more of the same ,
Yet its sunny and warm just now,
Well thats gardening for you:eek:
Ive still a million jobs to do and most are outside ones, I think we gardeners all make the same mistake "want to do to much and dont slow down and then just take in the garden for what it is,
Having said that ive the complete day to myself as im retired but working folks have to serve their time (like i did) and fight the time you have to do gardening and the weather and the gardens growing cycle, And the bet who can beat the weeds? Who said gardening was easy:rolleyes:

But a few things that you can't take away from gardening is that its a hobby one person or a gathering of the family can do and all get to share the results 'or blame when it 's not good results,

Well folks have a good one .


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