Wall for lean-to greenhouse?

Mar 12, 2014
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I'm thinking of putting up a small greenhouse on my porch
The type of greenhouse that seems most suitable is a leaning greenhouse, that is, I need to put it against a wall. (the greenhouse has no back part)
Unfortunately, my house walls are occupied, so I'm thinking of building up one of the short sides of my porch fences and make a wall that can serve as the "back" of the greenhouse.

The greenhouse type I'm thinking about is: http://jengo.se/sv/hem-och-tradgard/vaxthu...-lean-to-09-kvm

And this is a skecth of the porch right now (with size of greenhouse added for reference):

My question is:
What type of wall do I need to build?
I'm thinking of raising the part of the porch fence where the greenhouse will be , like this:

But how should the wall be constructed?
Right now the fence is just wooden planks with space in between, so the wind blows right through.
Should I insulate the wall? If so, with what?
Any suggestions and tips are most welcome
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Feb 24, 2014
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It might depend a little on what you are planting and how warm you want the greenhouse to be. If you are just trying to extend the growing season, you probably don't need to worry about the gaps in the wood as the solid sides of the greenhouse should reduce the airflow significantly. You might even be able to attach something to the top back of the greenhouse itself so that you need not raise the fence.

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