Vine plant up back porch, pot the problem?

Apr 20, 2021
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Afternoon, first time posting here.
Was wondering if anyone could give me a little advice. I’m trying to grow grape vines over the top of my back porch. I put two grape vine plants into pots and ran them up the side of my house, as you can see from the image I attached. They seemed to have stopped growing from what I can tell. But I’d like it to completely cover the top of the porch. My presumption is the issue is the pots are not going to work, and that they need to be in the ground.
accomplishing that might be tricky, since the porch isn’t exactly near the ground, several feet above. I’d either have to run it far off the side along the wall where the dirt is up to the top, or drill a hole in the porch for the vine to be in the dirt under and grow up the hole.


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Jul 26, 2013
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Puget Sound, Washington
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I’d think either method of planting out would easily work and please your grape. You already have a good sized vine so getting to the porch will make it easy for you to monitor and train new growth. You may find the root growth in the pot is quite compacted so introducing an established potted plant into soil takes monitoring until the roots are traveling well into the soil. Amending the soil in an area twice the size of the pot would be helpful. Your grape vine may also need additional watering of soil in a wide area around the planting area until it has expanded its root system.

It looks like you may have multiple stems. Things to consider might be layering one back into a pot for a second plant (in my experience this usually takes a year or so to get an established plant but it’s free) and the form you want your vine to have: one or multiple trunks. They do get big with time.image.jpg I recommend single trunk because of additional pruning with multiple trunks, but that’s just me.

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