Variegated Monstera Cutting - any help appreciated!

Jun 7, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I bought this variegated monstera cutting back in December and I'm pretty worried about it. The seller cut off the two leaves because they would most likely die off, and the brown marks are from where the leaves came from, it has established roots (won't come out of the soil when tugged at). I thinkkk it has a couple spots where some petiole might grow? Where I've pointed to with the white arrows. And i like to think they've grown a tiny bit (cracked some of the light brown "skin" you can see in the side view) but it's been quite a while so I'm not too sure and it would be very very slow. It's also pretty wrinkly which I'm worried about. I'm being very careful to not over water it. but maybe i've under-watered it too much? It's getting indirect light, I might start putting on my humidifier to help it out a bit, and it is getting cooler heading in to winter here so maybeI need a heat mat?

Does anyone have any tips / is there still hope for this little guy? I was super excited about it and only have a couple rare plants so I'm really hoping it does ok!





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