using the space in the greenhouse

May 10, 2019
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Ive a tip that ive used for years in all the verious greenhouses ive had and it's to do with using the space you never think of using,
Im talking about once you've got the normal staging set up (in my case both sides and one end of the house)
It's now that you start to look at what space you've missed thats so handy to use, Take the growing of pea's "veg" for instance
If you want to start them off early and you fit plastic guttering to the side of the staging you'll have the perfect place for starting off such as pea's and when the pea"s are grown enough for planting outside in their trench !!!!!!! You simply slide the gutter off its plastic mounting bracket and slide the pea's "once watered"
into the trench and return the guttering back to the greenhouse for more seed sowing etc,
Its even perfect for putting plants etc that are growing in their pots but need space to grow on a while, these i find rest just right in the guttering.
A very long lasting bit of kit and very cheap to buy with little or no servicing needed.(y)

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