Trying out a new trellis for my pole beans




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Feb 5, 2019
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What types of trellises do y'all use for pole beans and other types of climbing plants?

I use 5 cattle panels elevated on blocks for growing our fresh green beans for eating. Most of my shelling beans pintos, Canillas, etc. are grown as bush beans. Further, I use old no longer functional tomato cages linked to provide cucumber trellis. Both approaches work very well for me. However, the use of T posts does add extra work/time as the trellis needs to be moved for crop rotation periodically.

I have been experimenting recently with Hügelkultur in containers (offers the huge advantage of relatively light weight mobility) and could see using the containers as support for the arch trellis to grow pole beans. Might give that a try in the future. Seems like it would be easy to set up and/or move without the T posts.

bean trellis.JPG

bean trellis 2.JPG

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