Tiny spots on the leaves of adenium

May 11, 2021
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Hi, everyone! I'm new here.

My adenium has been sick for around a year now, I don't really know what's the problem behind it.

It started when its new leaves looked deformed and then slowly turned black. It has been trying to bloom for many months now but it has only bloomed successfully once since all of its buds keep turning black before opening and then just fall.

Last month, I checked and nearly all of its leaves had turned yellow, then brown. The flower buds had also turned black and fell when touched. The thing is, the leaves would stop turning yellow/brown after watering it, so perhaps it's because it has been underwatered.

I checked on my plant a while ago and found out that it had some tiny whitish-brown spots on its leaves. The new leaves were also very curly. I don't know if it's because of a fungus or some insect. Would neem oil help?

By the way, my plant has also been tilting to its side after I repotted it around a month ago. Its roots are showing and the soil has "disappeared" probably due to heavy rain. Would topping the soil with small stones help? Any tips on how to prevent the soil from splashing and "disappearing" everytime it rains?

Thank you very much! And I would like to apologize for attaching too much images. :)




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