Timing of sowing

Jan 2, 2023
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Houston, TX
United States
I was looking at my sweet potato plants in my compost pile (I decided to put them there are as an experiment). It is more of a lasagna layering pile really. I have potato plants in there too. The level of the "soil" is rather low though.

Also the sweet potato leaves are just not healthy looking at all. I thought I could could get away with growing the slips this time of year (in zone 9a, slips started growing in October I think). I wonder if that is why they look a little sad and diseased, and the vines are not growing out at all. Perhaps I tried to plant them too late. Checking my local nursery's veggie and herb planting guide, which says to plant the tubers during the summer! So I am way off.

I remember planting snap pea seeds at the end of August here. They looked so unhealthy and yellow, with white spots on their leaves; they were also practically devoured by caterpillars and other bugs. Now in January I started over with both snap peas and Progress #9 peas. They seem much stronger now, though it is still early. Oh yes, and this time I won't add fertilizer to them! They do have some compost though. Such a relief they are looking better now. I did sow them according to my nursery's veggie guide this time.

Semi-rhetorical question: Is it important to plant seeds according to their traditional time frame, and will bugs and disease get them if they are planted outside of their traditional time frame?


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