Thunder storm arrived late

May 10, 2019
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Greetings all
Well it's nearly 7pm and ive just finished the Pump-house insolation and except for some wooden shaped tool hanging brackets (i'll make them tomorrow in the workshop, (all scrap wood cut so the verious tool handles shaped to fit onto the wood brackets,) looks tidy and everything has a place to hang from,

The last job was to put the old trailer from the orchard to sit in-between the greenhouse and the pump-house (I use this trailer as a storage area for pots/bags of compost/ Lime/ etc, its weather secure as its got a roller door, Im pleased it rolled onto place easily,
Just as i was un-hitching it from the tractor the heaven's opened up and its now pouring down,
But a good days work done and now i can have a think about the next two (must do this summer jobs)
But for the next week or so its gardening gardening and more gardening,


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