Thuja Blight

May 19, 2018
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United Kingdom
I have some Western Red Cedar trees that are being affected by Thuja Blight... They are still growing but some of the tress are looking pretty brown... Is there any cure or hope for them or do I have to get rid of them? Does anyone have any advice or solutions... Really don't want to have to destroy the trees




Oct 8, 2017
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Birmingham Alabama
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A couple of ideas to get you reading in what hopefully would become a helpful direction.

Names of products I found googling reportedly effective.

From the wiki;

Cycloheximide is a eukaryote protein synthesis inhibitor, produced by the bacterium Streptomyces griseus. Cycloheximide exerts its effect by interfering with the translocation step in protein synthesis (movement of two tRNA molecules and mRNA in relation to the ribosome), thus blocking translational elongation. Cycloheximide is widely used in biomedical research to inhibit protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells studied in vitro (i.e. outside of organisms). It is inexpensive and works rapidly. Its effects are rapidly reversed by simply removing it from the culture medium.[1]


It is also extremely hazardous and you won't use it but I found this and recognized the streptomyces name and want to point out 2 products (actinovate and mycostop} that are made of the same bacterial family of which there are 500 known members. Some background is that a human medicine called streptomycin is also made from this group and specifically from the same bacterium cyclohexamide is made from which facinates me to no end. Its a bacteria that acts like a fungi in that it shoots out hyphae and thus confused early identifiers who initially called it ray fungus. Words like inhibiting protien synthesis are used in discussing the disease so I included the whole paragraph for other terms as well.

Also found:

propiconazole - a systemic fungicide. I read that a lot of thought from the royal horticultural society point to systemics for control, but not no cure was pointed out in what I ran briefly across.

STRIKE 50 WDG- Greenhouse and Nursery Systemic Fungicide is absorbed rapidly and works systemically from within the plant.

Maine Forestry Service-copper fungicide (Bordeaux Mix) or mancozeb (Dithane) should be effective if applied early in the season..

I hope this helps. One other thing I have found pretty cool is thyme oil. I buy it in a humic product called Humagro Promax. It is not systemic, but in a petri dish fungi and virus and bacteria hate it. This might serve in the same protective vein as a copper fungicide for spores. Also, I have been excited to learn that silicon is used agriculturally to toughen plants systemically from penetration of fungal hyphae among othe benefits. You may care to add it to your feeding program.

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