Those long dark summer evening outside

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Peace perfect peace

Now it's summer time and those warm summer evenings are here, those evenings when the sky has millions of stars "like dimonds sparkling"
A simple lounger and relaxed feel and maybe a glass of wine or your own choice of what you like,

Its dark and you stretch your arm out to get a hold of that refreshing drink,:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Now its wake up time as you've just knocked the glass over and the ants are the only living thing to enjoy the now spilt wine,

Why ? because it was dark, romantic and you couldnt see a thing,

Lighting on such a night can be a bit to much and the moth, fly etc are all acting like they're playing a world war two game of fly as close as you can to the light,

Try this idea it works and it's a cheaper way of having a nice low light that moths/fly keep away from And its easy to fix up and last for years,

Every car boot or rescue shop has lots of soup ladle's, (those long handle one's with big bowl and a bend in the top of the handle)

If you drill a small hole in the bend at the top of the handle, large enough to take a small screw !!! and drill and raw plug the ladle to a wall or the side of a shed etc
thats "All you do"
Job finished,
in the bowl section just put a "T" candle in it and light the candle, they last a few hours and give a low tender light,

Should you use say 5 or 6 of these soup ladle's placed along a wall area at different height's you'll spread the light and the wall looks really relaxing,
If again you've used the idea of hanging baskets and wall mounted single potted plants, you'll see a very relaxing scene, of an evening,

Give it a go, cost is little and the candle's dont burn any electric;

And the Ant's !!!! well they stay sober and you'll be able to find your drink without spilling all over the place,

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