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Peace perfect peace

Evening all,
Well its almost the end to another day and for me a happy one, But it's almost the end of another week and i think to myself we're has the time gone?
This week really has flown by,
It's been a week of more the powers to be saying one thing and meaning another, All this should you wear a mask etc,

I dont think for one minute we've heard the last of this virus or the mass unemployment and death its caused,
And i really do feel for those just starting off on lifes path ref trying to buy a home,

I was talking with my wife not long back about credit ratings and she pointed out that we must have a very low credit rating because of our age and the fact that we are both retired,
I couldnt understand her idea as we've not had debt for many years and we own our own home etc,

Well the way things are going for those just starting off in adult life i feel very happy we worked all our working lifes and got something out of it,

The very fact we love our life style and the garden and all it has to offer is a bonus in these days of so much not knowing whats going on,

I really do hope this crazy world sorts itself out and the future looks better for those willing to work and get the rewards of all the good things life has to offer,

To live life by the simple way and keep life simple is ive found a good rule to go with, Dont live way beyound what you can really afford is another.

Sleep well and ask yourself "what did i do today to make someone happy?
Good night all,


Jan 31, 2018
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The Tropic of Trafford
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
I made someone happy today.
Well actually I made three other people happy.
They also made me happy.
Our four-ball won the money in our golf roll-up.
It's was only three quid each, but as they say, "Every Little Helps!"

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