THE Rain Barrel Thread

Feb 12, 2020
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Columbus, OH
United States
I'm hoping to create a thread full of rain barrel ideas and discussions. I found a few threads asking specific questions, but I'd like this to be place where everyone can post a pic of theirs and what makes their setup unique.

I haven't started mine yet, but that's going to be an early spring project. I hope to make a pretty tall base to give good water pressure to the adjacent raised bed veggie garden. I might feed it to a soaker hose or an slow-drip irrigation system, we'll see. Underneath the base I'm hoping to have some usable storage space for buckets, watering cans, and other garden supplies.

I've read mixed reviews on using collected rainwater for veggies, due to contamination from roofing materials and animal droppings. Anyone here have thoughts / links to useful resources on the topic? It will be runoff from my flat-roof garage with a rubber roof. Thus far I haven't found any info on the risk of contamination from rubber roofing.

Please post pictures of your setup! How high off the ground? How did you make your base / tower? Does it flow into an irrigation system? How many gallons is it, and how much of your garden does it sustain? Did you beautify it with a cover or trellis? What would you have done differently?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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