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Peace perfect peace

Morning all, Again its hot hot and no sign of rain,
The lawns looking dry here and there due to the heat etc, But the garden as a whole is looking nice,
The gladiolus are now in full bloom and as always the tagets are here for the rest of the summer (smashing little flower and a good bug fightern"the toms are bug free and growing happy amoung the flowers, no signs of end rot or cracking skins, The pear's need thining about now,
Believe it or not but now is a good time to think about next years border plan, you can see from what you've planted last year and whats come to bloom and how it looks and if maybe you could try a different way of setting the plants out and what would look good here or maybe over there,
This is were garden centre's come in handy, take a walk around them and see the verious flowers /bulbs in full bloom both size and height and think how would they look next year in your plot, and nows the time to read up on these new plants needs, ? Soil condition/ feed/ space needed/ when do they bloom/what spreads needed/height and when they're in flower,
Nothing like being ready both with the info and do now what you have to do to be ready,

Playing on the cd, "Dont lett the sun catch you crying" by jerry marsden"

Well have a nice day (put some fresh water out for the birds


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