TetraSan -- effective against flat mites?

Apr 12, 2014
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I have a small, but really nice cactus collection in L.A., and I need some help dealing with a flat mite problem. The pest is also known as false spider mite (Brevipalpus phoenicis -- "false" because they don't spin webs like red spider mites do). TetraSan comes highly recommended, and according to a reliable source, it's one of the least toxic products for humans (mammals in general) for use in the greenhouse. The product controls a number of pest mites. Unfortunately, flat mites aren't on the list. I need to ask the following:

1. Are flat mites cactus-specific, or will they attack non-xeric plants as well?

2. Does anyone know for sure whether or not TetraSan is effective against flat mites?

Flat mites are the least known among cactus growers, and apparently a rather recent arrival to collections. Since we represent a niche in the overall gardening hobby, I'm casting a wide net here in case someone has more experience if flat mites are known to attack various types of plants. I'm very active on the CactiGuide forum -- those of you who respond will be helping not just me, but a bunch of good friends who share our passion for cacti and their proper cultivation.

Thanks so much!

Steve Johnson


Mar 27, 2012
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Welcome to the forum Steve! Great to have you here (y) I'm afraid cactus growing is outside my field of knowledge, but hopefully someone with better experience will be able to answer your queries!

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