Sweet 7" long peppers. It is good to dry new things.

Apr 18, 2016
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United States
It is good to try new things. 4 years ago I tried Big Berth sweet bell peppers and we were sold on them for 4 years. We like the flavor of RED color peppers it takes a month for these to turn red. Plants don't like our 98° hot summer weather but do much better that other bell peppers. When weather turn cool in Oct each plant will have 40 BIG 4"x6" peppers. Plants don't produce much above 90°.

This year I tried Carman Sweet 7" long peppers. WOW these are good they don't have the traditional bitter bell pepper flavor. They grow very well in our hot 100° weather plants are 6 ft tall and very prolific I pick 8 peppers from each plant every week. When green peppers are ready to pick wait 2 more weeks peppers turn RED. These peppers will not turn red inside the house but most other peppers will. Very sweet peppers with no bitter flavor. We have been slicing them and freezing them. We also pickle them using a Bread & Butter pickle recipe. We cook with the pickled peppers vinegar flavor cooks away. There are 12 Carman peppers in the first picture.

We also pickle other things to cook with. This is a no cook pickle recipe just double the amount of vinegar in the Bread & Butter recipe and leave out the water.



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