suspect fungus growing on roots of lucky bamboo

Apr 3, 2017
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What the title says. I got dumb and broke the number one rule: Dont fix what isnt broken. I made a natural honey-based rooting solution and put my plant into it. Most sources I found said to dip it in the solution, but I never found anything saying dont leave it there.
About a week later, when I change the water, I noticed that there was lots and lots of mold growing on the side of the vase. I also noticed the roots were covered in it. I took an hour and completely sterilized the vase, and removed as much mold from the roots as possible. I then threw some of the other rooting solution(I know for a fact it works, and it is advertised as being fungicidal) into the water when I put the plant back in.

This week I changed the water again. The mold isnt on the vase, but I suspect it is on the roots. It formed a similar film, although previously it was more opaque and milky white. It could be the rooting hormone - It also leaves a film, but the plant's health has definitely deteriorated over the last week.
What do I do? Is there a fungicide that I can safely add to the water? Ill probably put more of the rooting hormone in as a just incase sort of deal.


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