Suggestions for type of red crape myrtle in the landscape

Nov 20, 2021
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Winston-Salem NC
United States
Although the picture is not the most recent (taken last November), I have a Natchez (white) crape myrtle that I want to replace in a couple of months. This summer, the tree (in picture) has grown even taller, but not all that attractive. It's not even a year old but already getting very tall and spindly (not full) as I had envisioned for a white crape myrtle. And, I can already see that it's going to grow into a 30 foot tall tree that is going to be too close to my front porch (see picture).

So I want to replace it with another crape myrtle (red variety) in the exact same spot. A red variety would pick up on the shingles on my home as well as my Nandina bushes. Ideally, I would like a red crape (a true red) with the longest bloom time in the summer, to really stand out. I am a little concerned about my septic drainage field lines (in the front yard) because this spot is only about 10 feet off the closest septic leach line in the yard, although it is near the end of the leach line - which ends at the driveway.

I was thinking about a red dynamite crape but also the black diamond. I want something that is going to really pop "red". But I really don't want anything taller than 15 feet (at the most). Looking at this picture, does anyone have suggestions? There are so many varieties of crape myrtle trees now days; and I am not familiar with all of them.

Thanks for any replies.


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