Strawberry plant help!! Leaves turning brown!

Feb 25, 2021
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United States

My not even 2 week old strawberry plant is turning brown at the leaf edges and I can't figure out what's wrong
I have only watered it twice so far, once when I first planted them and then didn't water for like a 8?ish days but kept checking the soil moisture level.
I did the finger testing and it felt like the soil was still good. And then I watered yesterday cause it felt kind of dry.
And when I went out to check the strawberries this morning, the edges have turned brown!
I tried looking up what I did wrong but I honestly can't figure out what to do.
Maybe I watered it too much???? If so, what do I do

This is a before-picture I took maybe 3-4 days ago??


Also, I know I'm supposed to pick all the flowers in their first year and I picked the first few flowers but then I didn't have the heart to continue lol
Also I'm impatient and just want to see little strawberries already.




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