Spend yesterday mostly on the ExMark.

Sep 9, 2018
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No rain for a change in the forecast. Grass was finally dry of the over night dew around 11:30 AM. Fired up the Kohler and let it warm as I filled the tank to the very top. Then I set off to mow our yard the front had not been done in 9 days so was really long. I set the adjustment at 4.5 inches so I wasn't trying to chop 6 inches of grass at once.


Went away from how I normally mow and started in the center blowing the clippings to the outside edge of the lawn. Took me about an hour to finish it even with the mower full speed ahead @ 9mph.
Filled it back up again and loaded it on the trailer along with the Husky AWD walk behind and the Husky 225 string trimmer(more on this in a bit.).

Had got a new lawn in the city of Davison Mi about 15 miles from home, got there and unloaded the z turn and fired it up makeing a slow pass around the premiter chain link fence dodgeing the power pole about half way down the west side.
Grass is deep here too but not like home despite the house being empty. There is a flat where they built the yard up for the garage and I was told it would be ok to scalp the drop off.

Nope didn't want to do that kind of job as this paid $50.00, good money for that size of lot. About 20 minutes with the Z turn then 10 minutes with the AWD husky on that drop off and no scalping.
Get the trimmer and clean up the stuff growning in the fence and the edge of the garage & house plus under shrubs,
30 minutes I am loaded almost and on my way.

Get to Kares moms house to mow the ditch with the AWD mower but the front yard was a mess made by a helpfull neighbour who mows to DAM SHORT and had made wind rows. Unload the Z turn amd take care of that. Then use the AWD mower to mow what I could of the ditch. A pick up had went off the road a month or so back and tore the ditch up then the wrecker pulled it out and tore it up even more.

Time to use the string trimmer walk across the lawn to the truck to get it and it isn't there. OH crap I left it at the curb of the new place. Jump in the truck with my cleats on and drive back and the trimmer isn't on the curb any longer. This time I will buy a new Echo as I like the dealer a lot. turn in the drive to turn around and there was the trimmer on the porch behind some shrubs unable to be seen from the road.

Some awful nice person lives in that area hats off to them.

Get back and finish up the ditch, get every thing loaded and off to the big lawn. Takes 2 hours to finish this one but it is is also long so set the cut at 4.5 again and have to slow down as it isn't cutting real good. I had hit a hole at the first place I was not told about and some stones buggered the blades.
Still finished the big lawn in 2.5 hours, temp was 83F and 94% humidity and I was down to a couple sips of water when i finished.

:D Al

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