Jul 4, 2020
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United Kingdom
Spearmint plants.
Transplanted from 3 4 inch diameter pots into a long rectangular maybe 20 inch pot.

Placed in a sunny window that gets direct sun in the early morning the early afternoon.

Water using a spray bottle to avoid leaves as I heard fungus leaf is a problem sometimes.
I spray consistently and evenly..

1. How much to water?
Don't want them drying out. But heard they shouldn't be drenched.
I've heard warm and dry needs more water but cold and soggy is too wet.
And I don't want a fungus gnat problem
Seems a big chasm between the former and latter....
How much exactly please?

Should I use rain water?

2. Got an all plant organic fertilizer. Was expensive.
Mixed up according to instructions.. 1litre . Required only a tiny amount mixed with water.
How often to fertilize Vs how often to use plain water.

3. Any other tips please provide.


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