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Jan 31, 2018
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The Tropic of Trafford
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
I was attempting to drive out of my golf club car park on Friday afternoon when I found I had no clutch. Now Honda's are considered "bulletproof, " but obviously my sixteen year old CRV had decided to "take one for the team."
I called out the RAC who diagnosed a failed master cylinder. So it got towed home.

Although the car has only done 60,000 most of which was local driving, the pedal had been "in and out" a few hundred thousand times. I phoned the regular guy who services my car at home around 4.00pm and he said he'd order the part, but wouldn't be able to fit me in for a week.
He and his thirty something old son always work as a team.
Imagine my surprise when they turned up at 10.00 am this morning. He said he knew I relied on the car as my wife is disabled, so he'd moved things around. Job done in an hour and a half and all he charged me for was the part and sixty quid for labour. He showed me the old cylender where the seal had gone. Maybe he might have been able to repair it, but I didn't think it worth the hassle, I'd rather settle for a new one.

Later that day the RAC sent me a text asking me to rate the service. Their system wouldn't accept either a text or a phone call. So as I was very pleased with their engineer's service I sent them an e-mail today saying he was brilliant and their system rubbish.


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