Soapy hydroponic Cilantro... NO not Genes...

Oct 16, 2020
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I have a question that i have spent many hours trying to research, many others have asked the same question on countless forums and not one time have i found the right answer for me. the question is why does my hydroponic cilantro taste like soap???

Before you answer the same as what everyone else answers which is "Genes" or some people have something in their body's that make cilantro taste like soap etc... that is probably right but not with me because we ( my wife and family) have been eating cilantro all our lives and i know how it should taste, i buy it on a weekly basis for the past 20 years so it's not Genes at all. plus i bought many times ( even today) and compared it to what i am growing and it is completely different than what i grow.

anyway nobody including myself could eat it, its awful, the first time i ruined a whole pot of soup. i have tried many different seeds, and been trying to grow it for about a year now and it all tastes the same, BAD and Like SOAP. i have even tried removing the roots and soaking for days in just water to try to take the taste away and nothing works.

my ph is always within range, i am using a NFT hydroponics system and i use the 3 part general hydroponics nutrients mix. roots are nice and it grows looking big and healthy looking. I'm using LED lights ( Spyder) i have tried all levels of TDS ranges from 700, 900,1200,1400 and 1500 and it all does the same. i also tried many batches with and whiteout the use of pesticides. i have thrown out many pounds of cilantro and never been able to eat it at any stage in its growth.

if you can answer this question you will be the first on the entire internet!!! i have tried as mentioned for months and spent hours reading and nobody answers this common question other then it certain peoples genes. i hope you can help!!

Ps. Lights are on 16-18 hrs and the temperature is between 70-76 degrees and the stage I have the 3 part nutrient is mainly in the aggressive growth stage so a 3-2-1 ratio between the three bottles.
All other vegetables, tomatoes and lettuces grow amazing and taste great using the same system setup and nutrient amounts. Reservoir changeouts are every month

Thank you


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