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Peace perfect peace

I see you crawling along my rockery wall,
Carrying your wordly goods in a shell on your back "the shape of a ball".

I should really kill you for all the damage you do,
But you work so hard carrying that load,
In a way i envy you.

If anyone calls to visit, You just go inside and hide,
You dont have nasty phone calls or letters delivered, And you dont paint your caravan like shell house outside,
No road tax or garden rates ,
And all the food you can eat "Provided by me !!!!!
Im begining to think you've got it right,
It's certainly not me.

You've covered about 4 feet and decided to upset me as it's your time to eat,

You've tried my prize lettuce,
How about my much loved sweet pea's or that prize growing beet?

Did you know your "make" are eaten in France and not just on special days but all week,

I wouldn't do that to you or your garden . :(

Well it's time for me to eat,

Hens eggs, pigs bacon, and maybe a little slow moving "TREAT"?

Anyone know how to cook Snail's?

By Daniel Seamingway.


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