Smell the coffee, (well not coffee more like smoked meat etc)

May 10, 2019
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Greetings future smokers,
Yes the powers tobe are telling you not to smoke "But" im telling you to re-think this,
Im going to build a new metal (tin) smoker, My old one has to be moved and so its summer and the days are warmer and the nights longer
And the smell of meat being smoked is just a smell to meat eaters like the smell of good coffee to coffee drinkers,

If your interested on how to build a 7foot tall 5ft wide or even your own sized one plug into u-tube, its not hard and last for years,

Im having the fire box outside the construction and the flue leading through (at ground level) the smoke delivery, plenty of top air ways to let the smoke escape and the smell to hit you,

Well food for thought "as they say" give it a go :D


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