Slugs and Snails and Dahlias

Mar 23, 2016
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United Kingdom
We have a rather large slug problem in the area, and for some reason the conditions are great for them. I can't use chemical controls because of pets and wildlife, so last year I ended up doing pest control by walking around snipping off any stems I saw with eggs on them and getting rid of them. In general it is a really big problem in the area.

I've had some luck planting Allyssum borders around my plants, since they don't seem to like it, but the problem is Dahlias. If I plant Dahlias, it doesn't matter whether I use salt or plant Allyssum, the poor plants are quickly chewed down to ground level. I even caught the slugs going after some in a hanging basket!

I really love Dahlias, but unless I can solve the slug problem, I don't think I am going to be able to grow them here.
Does anyone have any advice that might help? I'm getting ready for this year planting, and I don't want my plants chewed to ribbons again!


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