Sick Purple Hopseed

Nov 4, 2018
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United States
San Diego area. i have a row of about 12 purple hopseed plants. About 6 years old. 6-10 feet high. Spaced about 5-6 feet apart.
i haven’t really paid that much attention so can’t compare past details but.........
This year they blossomed, maybe more than usual. I’ll say that was last May-ish. Heavy sets of blooms. I THINK that these usually fall off after a month or so and new growth follows.
This year the seeds are still on the branches on about 1/2 the plants and those are almost bare of leaves / new growth. Not dead but I’ll say many smaller branches appear dead......with dry seeds still hanging on. Some new growth now starting, i think. Other plants growing normally.
The seeds still hanging on. Water jets won’t strip them from the plant but I admit I just hand swept a lot of them off.
it is random along the row telling me it’s not a soil problem in one section.
i don’t fertilize much or often but I do now and then. Could this be fertilizer burn?
i don’t see any ‘warts’ or other symptom of disease.
Any comments appreciated.


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