Scindapsus Pictus Silvery Anne curling leaves (doesn’t seem to be a water issue)

Nov 11, 2020
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So I’ve had this plant for a little over a year and no issues until now. Suddenly a few of the leaves started to curl (as if thirsty) but the curling would be accompany buy a dark spot (a grey spot, as if it was soaking wet) and incredibly soft to the touch. Initially I thought it was an issue with over watering, but upon checking the roots I find they were all a healthy white and the soil was still airy and slightly moist from my previous watering.


In these photos you can see that the leaves are so soft to the point they can flop by themselves.

I didn’t find any pest, so my next thought is that it could be a fungus/bacteria problem, but the soil didn’t have an odd odor so I wasn’t sure how to gauge if that was the problem. I don’t have much experience with fungus/bacterial, expect one aglaonema that seemed fine after I sprayed it down with a neem solution. I also sprayed this plant on the top, so maybe it isn’t liking that I did that?

Note: I have three of these plants, all in small planters, that was once one plant and they all started having this issue at the same time, just suddenly and the decline is quite rapid.I will also note that it was all of the older leaves that started having this issue, but it seems it spread quickly down the vine. I went ahead and snipped off the infected leaves and now I’m just hoping for the best.
Is this something anyone has dealt with? Or have a plant that went through something similar? Or is this normal and a matter of old leaves dying off? Any input is appreciated. Thank you for reading my post.
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