Sansevieria Trifasciata (Mother-In-Law's Tongue) Soil / Potting Advice



Good afternoon all,

I have owned my first ever plant the robust Mother-In-Law's Tongue for 27 months now and over that time the soil has depleted to a level where I feel it requires more as when I lift the pot the plant wobbles a little and I am worried the base of the plant is becoming exposed. In addition the soil doesn't look great in particular when dried out.

My initial thought was to repot with new soil however I have read that this can have a negative impact so unless I am repotting due to the roots spreading this is not advisable until that time arrives.

Is it best to just top up with new soil or should I repot with completely new soil ? I am planning on using a cacti & succulent potting mix.

Please feel free to comment on the photos below;

Plant Soil.jpg

Plant Main.jpg

Many thanks for those that are able to provide advice,



Nov 13, 2019
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Riverside/Pomona CA
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You can still see soil so it doesn’t need to be repotted yet and as long as it doesn’t tip over frequently it doesn’t need repotting. When you do repot it, use cactus mixand don’t disturb the roots any more than you absolutely need to. Even if the cactus mix is extremely different from the old soil. If you want to put some gravel or small decorative rocks on top of the soil so it doesn’t wobble, that would be okay.


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