Rhododendron pruning Q.

Jun 24, 2018
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Belfast UK
United Kingdom
I've had this Rhodo for about 6 years and it just started flowering last year with yet more blooms this year which is great. However, it's already too big both for my tiny yard, and also for my ability to manage in a container as I've severe hand arthritis. I just about managed to get it out of the pot & cut half the root ball off to provide it with some new compost last month, but it's obviously quite a large shrub and really needs either a bigger pot or a garden. SO firstly, I'm trying to figure out whether it's the type that will cope with being cut down to 6-12 inches of growth or whether that might just kill it completely. But I do also have a friend willing to consider taking it but he's got a reasonably small garden & I'd worry if it can't be fully pruned every so often, it will overtake it and become a problem for him. I've read that some varieties can't be heavily pruned hence my concern.

Anyone able to figure it out just from the pics - the 2nd one is looking down the middle to show the type of branches.


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