Raspberry infestation!!!!!!!

Jun 6, 2021
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Havelock, Qc
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When I moved in with my boyfriend there were raspberries on thr right side of the lawn, quite a bit. I cut abd pulled out a lot but the next few years I wasn't able to do anything so what I pulled came back and then MANY more. They pop up everywhere. And I pull them but knew that really wasn't the answer . It came across the lawn to where my day Lilies are and are among them. This year, I cut it ALL down but poped up again so bought some roundup as was told it goes into the leaves down to the roots and kills also doesn't leach out to other plants, sprayed twice as new growth came out. I hired a friend that used his bucket to uproot what he saw but not all and roots are big and long. Think we started too soon but trying to eliminate the new growth. Our neighbor said the only solution she could think of is to dig it all up and haul it away but extremely costly and if just 1 inch size root is still in the ground it will all come back. I will need to to put grass seeds but it takes time for thisctovgrow in the mean time the raspberries will pop up before it takes hold. It's a very large area and I'm baffled with what to do. I am willing to help him pull the roots he digs up but know some will be left behind. So here we are looking at all the roots and new shoots coming through. Is there anything I can do. I saw that you told a lady that there is stuff you can drop on the new growth that will kill it but thus will probably take all season long and really want to get rid if them. My son passed away last year and bought a crab tree in his memory and other plants to put around a large rock along with 2 other trees and don't want to loose them if I can't put them in this year. Is there anyone that can help me. An owners nightmare and an anxious mother to get this area done, like I said in memory of my son but can't afford a fortune. Or friend doesn't mind me giving him monthly payments for his work but he wants to do it right. I can take a picture to show you what were looking at but not sure if I can share it here. The raspberries are also taking over our back yard. He's cleared a lot there but will have the same problem there. I hope there's a solution and not too costly. Desperate women needing your help


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