Raspberry Disease

May 8, 2020
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United States
So my first year for Raspberries, or anything to be honest. I have never had a garden, never tried, but here we are.

I put in a few different raspberry varieties, and I want to know what I'm dealing with here as far as diseases. The first picture has been my biggest berry producer this year. Honestly I wasn't expecting to get any yield this year. The second picture down is what I have attacking most of my plants. As you can see on the leaf I think I am dealing with "Leaf Rust"? I have been doing my best to remove these leaf's as I see them, and to make sure I spray with fungicide every week to ten days.

The last two pictures I'm not sure is a problem or not. They are some brown areas I am seeing on some canes. Am I looking at anthracnose here?

I am sorry for my ignorance here. I really just need some help here. Tips on what to do. Do I need to remove the plants completely and start over?....I really hope not :(

Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much for your help!




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