Jul 10, 2019
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United Kingdom
Hey all
so i have posted quiet a lot about hokkaido pumpkins. next question, so i had a very successful start to the season loads of both flowers and loads pollinated i could tell they were pollinated from the size and the fact they didn't turn brown and fall off. But if a had 6 on my plant five would stop and 1 would become the strong grower. google says you should get between 8 and 10 per plant, i never expected this amount because im growing in a 60 litre pot. but i had hoped for more than 1. i cut the ripe 1 off and the plant seems to be starting to produce again. does it mean there's just to little food(nutrition) for the plant or what? 2 years growing both times only 1 pumpkin this year was better but still only 1 till now


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